July 28, 2010


How can it be possible to mess up a reading? I did the pre-reading all through the week, yet, I failed this mornings reading completely. Just as usual I check the book to remove the day before reading, this morning somehow I didn't even see it. I thought how nice that someone removed it. So later as I placed the book I turned the page to ready it, not once even noticing a change.

When I began to read this morning, the whole reading was odd and not familiar. It wasn't until after Mass that our Pastor had asked about it. I was so apologetic for the mix up. I did yesterdays reading, he was nice enough to say it must have been God's will that we hear it again.

Anyway, talk about feeling ashamed for doing the wrong reading unintentionally. And maybe that is why the pages may have been joined so I would not notice. Odd how that came about. There is a lesson in all this to be ever aware of my surroundings and to be ever more vigilant. To forgive myself for the mistake, and to thank God for allowing the lesson in the first place. I admit my mistake and will seek in the future to be more careful as I prepare.

Another is also to try to keep up writing as each day, some days are not easy and other days I have found little time to do much. I've even had limited time on the Internet, maybe for the best to tend to matters that are far more important. I am also working on doing a talk for my Chapter in November. About the Gospel of John, the I Am Statement and the Dominican Spirituality. I've never did one of these before so it will be a challenge. I did discover tonight from one of the people who go to Scripture Sharing, that John thought he was God. I did not even realize that from reading the Gospel. (corrected sentence)

I had given a picture to one of our Chapter members as a thank you the day of Making Final Promise, but I have found since then what seems as if a constant test is being placed on me by this person. I am no one special, I am nothing but a human being who was given something extraordinary by God. I am not a prophet nor a visionary, I don't make the claim to be one other than the delightful love and gifts God bestows on me just as he bestows them on others as well. I may mention special times on here with my blog as a way of keeping track of it all. I don't show the pictures I took unless it is by the grace of God and for the purpose he chooses for me to show them. I don't speak publicly about it either unless there is an occasion that comes about that faith is then shared. Mainly I don't relate it too often out of the fact that many have changed toward me and some of it not always on the nice side.

But being a follower of God does not warrant smooth sailing, often the waters will rise and the storms can be fierce. Through it all Our Blessed Mother and Jesus are the greatest strength that help when those storms seem to never end. Anyway, I trust the heavenly family with my life to keep my boat afloat, my soul from becoming to heavy and my heart from being overburdened.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

I have a similar story. One time when I was the Lector, I was the first one to read at the weekend Masses, so the Lectionary was closed. I opened it to where the ribbon was placed. It was the correct Sunday, the 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time. I looked at my reading--it was NOT what I had been practicing. I even showed the priest and he looked at it quickly and said "Yup, the 20th Sunday." So I did my best with the unfamiliar reading. No one in the congregation looked surprised. Even those reading along, looked no different. Only when the priest read the Gospel did I think I was wrong.
I was on the wrong year!
No one ever said anything about it.

Marie Cecile said...

I don't feel so alone now, thank you for sharing your own experience Faith. At least no one mentioned it to you, I wasn't so lucky last night, I think the group was delighted by the mishap and related their opinion about it. Go figure. At least the WORD was spoken and given for others to ponder anyway.

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