July 08, 2010

The Good News

Scripture Sharing is all about the good news of the Lord. A chance to reflect on God's Word in our everyday life and in preparation for upcoming Mass. A time where others gather and share their insights and their blessings from the Word received. How the Good News has impacted their life.

Sometimes we relay the antics regarding situations in our daily life as they unfold with the Gospel readings. Hearing what transpires in these peoples lives help me to see the beauty of God at work. How much many live lives of faith and follow the way of God in tune and in harmony with his plan. In those moments I feel I fall so short in what they seem to flawlessly achieve and perceive by way of faith.

How is it that I feel like I don't measure up to anyones high expectations. I'm just me with limited talents. Yet, I was given a tremendous gift to share, which I did with a friend last evening. Also a part of what was in the scripture about what comes out of our mouths. Speaking about witnessing what God provided. Each time I mention what has transpired in my life about what I have seen the more it feels right to do so. Speaking on a personal basis has been the difficult part through the years, for many reasons but also because of the persecution that occurs afterward. Persecution from the workforce and from the family of faith can be daunting at times. It's not an easy life to follow when God gives special graces or choses one for a mission.

That's usually par for the course as a Christian to suffer persecution after all Jesus suffered most of all. He died on the Cross and also forgave his persecutors. He loved His neighbor until the end. Am I no different that when I am persecuted for my faith, can I not love as Jesus did unconditionally and pray for their souls.

I am not alone in the suffering of persecution as others have gone through much just because they are different in looks or the way they speak. The true evilness of the world is persecution because it lacks faith, hope and love in our neighbor.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

It's even sadder when the pastor of your church refers to your prayer group as a bunch of Spooks.

Marie Cecile said...

Now that's interesting. Does your Pastor do that with your prayer group?

Faith said...

Yes, he said we scare him.

Marie Cecile said...

How odd is that for the Priest to be scared of Spirit and prayer filled people. Unless he doesn't understand when prayer turnes into that of praying in tongues and that part of it is where he is scared. Then I would say his faith is weak or his unbelief is peaking through.

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