July 13, 2010

Basking in the Son

Spending time in Adoration is like basking in the Son, rather than the outside sun's rays but the ray of the light of Christ. Today's Adoration at the Monastery was very enlightening. I truly felt the light and love of God in untold ways. Moments I will treasure as it brought about what started in the first place, his special gift to me. Somehow, the hour turned into a brief time where I was to recall the beauty of His Spirit merging with mine. A tremendous gift upon what He wanted me to recall.

These last two times at Adoration at the Monastery have been truly unique and very special. One never knows what will transpire unless you are willing to get to know God. Both occasions upon kneeling at the railing as I first enter that had become the quest of the hour. To spend those moments getting to know God. I was even delighted to have been given interior words in french that would signify that he is "avec vous", more or less with me or you. I wrote the moment down as it occured, a very special grace for sure. Yet, as time progressed I received more, these words are "loyal and true," that allowed me to know that is what God is all the time. He is loyal and true.

Those moments today as I understood them were to bring about a better understanding in my own heart about all that has transpired when I first seen Him on the Eucharist and then the moment I walked through His Spirit and everything that has taken place since then. It is for me to accept the truth in all that has gone on, something many will never understand nor believe. It was given to me so that I may be a witness to His divine love and how He can make things very possible. A moment today that I basked in the Son without being burned but found comfort.

1 Words of Wisdom:

Faith said...

You were blessed.

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