June 27, 2010

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In the past two months I've seen changes happening in and around my life. Some were heavy duty trials of faith prior to making final promise. What I have noticed after making final promise was the ceasing or should I say the lesser amount of stabs from the evil one. When people have mentioned before they make that final step, they have relayed to me how tested they were before. In this regard I can actually say it's true. I had written of a moment such as that test before, a test of faith.

Just as there are tests of faith so are there consolations as well. There have been many in the past few months along with thanking and praising God for the gift he gives to strengthen on the journey. Moments that I found helpful as I went in search of another vehicle. Between scripture and understanding it brought about the most delightful moments while waiting in the breeze on a hot day. A moment that I found enlightening and one that spurred me on to the next location until finally I reached a destination of being where I belonged.

I was in search of a vehicle that would be either gold or blue in color, but divine providence provided a white one instead. Everything went so smoothly from that point on, I was amazed at how it all worked out. Anyway, after being without a vehicle for about a month, which at the time had aided in the care of my dad while my mom was in rehab, to having my brothers car for a brief time, which I am extremely grateful for what he did for me. In this sense he did for the least of his sister (brother-scripture wise).

I found in the past few days among the flury of activity time to give back to God. I received my car on thursday, so on friday I went and had it blessed. It gave me the opportunity to take some needed time for my own relaxation as well. I think along this journey in the past few months I have found a deeper spiritual understanding. What I love most of all is seeing God's hand in every aspect of my life and what he gives and doesn't give. It's taking those moments and being grateful for his blessing. It enables me to seek to know and understand Him better. I want to know what pleases Him as well as what displeases Him and I am finding that out in my life. An awesome journey to be sure.

I did have a brief moment when I saw the blog enabled design and tried it out, checked most of what was offered and found the one I have suited so much better. At least I tried them to see what was there. Same as the cars in a way, test drive, check them out and then make the choice that is right.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Danielle S. said...

Welcome back Marie Cecile ! I'm happy that you solved your problems with the car and all other daily life's burdens , thanks to the great Mercy of Lord . May you always experience His blessings and protection ! Good wishes from a true sister in Christ , Danielle

Marie Cecile said...

Danielle, thank you so much for the heartfelt words. I hope to get on track soon.

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