May 18, 2010

Final Promise

Side view of Mother of God Monastery, West Springfield, MA
Front view of the Chapel entrance.
Blaire Hermans, Final Promise reciprient, in front of the office door.
Mary Ellen Stroud, Assistant President, 2nd Delegate to Regional Council.
Bernice (Marie Cecile) Stadtlander, Final Promise recipient.
James Platinitis, Final Promise recipient.

Photos missing: Maryellen Culver-Final Promise Recipient (updated)
Patricia Shea-Final Promise Recipient (updated)
Elizabeth Zellmer-Final Promise Recipient (updated)

From an album given from Chapter, picture taken at the beginning of formation 6 years ago as a Postulant.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Hello Bernice (Marie Cecile)
I was briefly in formation a few years ago, but had to stop due to family issues. I tried to email Linda Burr, but have gotten no answer. She was in charge of my formation. I tried Mary Ellen Stroud, but the email address on the Dominican site is not valid.

I want to find out from someone if I can re-start formation, and when that would begin. And I would like to know when the next chapter meeting is. I know sometimes you take the summer off.

Can you help me out? my email is

Thanks very much. Congratulations on your final promise!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Robert, I will find out for you. We start back in September. Our meetings are the third Sunday.

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