March 02, 2010

Time with God

Ever since I've been working at the job I'm at, I've noticed that I have fallen away from spending quality time with God. I think it had to do with the disappointment in what I see each day I go to work and then the myriad other stuff that goes on in life. I began to doubt that good can ever happen in life, when all I see are the odds and how people take great pains to cause more harm than good. I've grown so tired that I don't have the energy to do much, even my prayer time has been affected. Why is that? Has the devil won and have I lost again. This was a recent time period when these happenings began to occur.

But on the upside was the recent added hour in Adoration, along with my other one and some timely visits that have aided in soul nurturing. Today was one such day spent in Adoration, then a trip to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, MA to obtain something. I did not know what it was going to be, strange that I was in the oddest of spots to end up purchasing a silver ring with the cross on it. My visit was mainly to go to confession as well. It was wonderful timing all around, to end up doing the Stations of the Cross, then confession, then veneration of a true relic of the Cross, which I did get to kiss.

This day brought home to me how much I truly need moments of deep prayer to restore and renew. Those whose path I crossed today brought a renewal of faith in people. In their goodness, rather than what I see day to day. Today made me realize how much I miss spending quality time with our Lord doing his work and being with him. Kinda like Jesus did when he went off to pray to his father. Those moments are truly refreshing. On reflection on how my life has been changing from one period to another I began to see how much I have missed making visits to those places that bring us closer to God. I saw what was truly more important. Isn't that what Lent is all about? To bring us to a point of conversion that will restore our faith and bring us back to God. I pray that this Lent be that for others, an opening of their hearts to how the ways of the world can block their path to God.

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