February 17, 2010

Encounters of Faith

There are times in our lives when certain memories cross our minds, not knowing the reason why it was recalled in the first place unless of course it was a cherished memory. There was a particular memory I had recalled several times without truly knowing why, while at Adoration yesterday, that memory came through and with it an understanding about it.

Several years ago while I was working as a cashier not long after my personal experience with seeing our Lord on the Eucharist and other personal encounters, I had an encounter with a gentleman requesting merchandise behind the counter. At that time it was quite busy with many people behind him. I retrieved what I thought he asked for, but when I turned to give it to him, he wasn't there. I looked around for him, next time I looked back he was there. It was a strange encounter, but even more was the strong scent of sweet smelling incense on the money he handed me. After a brief period of time my co-worker and I had both thought how nice that smell was. Yet he did not smell of the scent, only the money did. When we checked the drawer, we couldn't distinguish which one it was.

Anyway, during Adoration this scene replayed in my thought, along with the thought of how I seem to have failed to notice at times when this memory came to mind the specific reason why. In His own loving way it did come to light about that particular encounter, a gift that was given with the certainty that the sweet scent of incense was his way of letting me know he is with me. It was a profound hour spent in silence with a grateful heart for his loving kindness. I know now the reason why this particular encounter was brought to mind on occasion.

How amazing it is that God will use people to give us answers and guidance in the most unusual way when we respond to his love. In this regard I know how truly blessed I am. In many ways I would love to share that blessing with others too, so they may come to know the love God has for them. Relaying a moment in time can often be difficult to describe and then the result of a spiritual encounter can be even harder. It is by the grace of God and the Holy Spirit that this is attainable. Somewhere out there someone may understand and know how much God has spoken in their life and come back to Him.

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