February 24, 2010


It seems I've been getting behind on writing on this blog and I do ask those who follow your forgiveness. We are in the season of Lent and adjustments are being made to make needed changes in what I do daily. Such as less time on facebook, especially the game part which really does take up alot of time. I've noticed that I began to read less of the important stuff. Material that would nourish my soul and provide upkeep with my faith.

Then this morning I received an email from my cousin Trish about an article on forgiveness that I found pretty good. A timely reminder regarding many areas we all are afraid to look deeply into. Amazing how God works too, since this mornings reading was about Nineveh and repentance. Forgiveness is also a call to conversion of heart to come back to God. I began writing this early this morning and put it aside as I left for Mass. Just before going, my mom asked if I could ask our parish Priest to come over so she can go to confession at his convenience.

She went to have foot surgery yesterday and due to a problem with her heart, it was cancelled. She is home and very tired, any exertion is a struggle. I don't know her thoughts, but when I saw her this morning she wanted to cry. Please keep both my parents in your prayers. Forgiveness has a away of making itself present or the need to seek it. No matter what we do in our lives, there are many moments that speak loudly in our conscience for forgiveness whether it's giving it or asking, it's a call to do it. Don't hesitate to seek it and never hesitate to ask it of your neighbor or to offer it to another. God truly wants to be part of our lives if only we let him in and that must be done by asking his forgiveness as well.

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