October 05, 2009


Doing research on a recent dream led me to so much insightful information as in my last post on Mount St. Michel. Some interesting things were learned, then I had a call last night and spoke at length with another member of my Dominican Community. Sometimes another pair of ears help us to see things a bit more clearly, which I am grateful.

How God touches all our lives is amazing when we are open to the Holy Spirit. I know I am on many occasions when interior locutions of music or dreams tend to reinforce God's presence in our lives. Often these things need discernment as with all things. Last night was amazing while talking on the phone I was gazing upon the digital frame with some of the pictures of the Eucharist that I took with the amazing pictures that God has given and found myself enthralled by what I saw so clearly. That was the biggest WOW one could make to see the face of our Lord amid the picture of so much else.

How can people not be awed by God is beyond me. How they push His Son away and not be awed by Him too. Sometimes I don't get it that people dislike Jesus and God to the point of causing Him so much hurt. They don't realize how much their love would mean everything to Him. He would do so much for them to know it if they would only open their hearts.

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