October 01, 2009


I've noticed more and more lately I've been making mistakes not in my typing but in my phrasing of the sentence. How truly odd it is that what is in the mind and typing don't always come out the same when not looking at it. For some reason when it was finished I would touch the publish button after reading along and making minor corrections on the way without re-reading the whole of it. Lesson that I learned of late is to recheck before making the next move. It avoids those errors but it also helps in making those adjustments that when in the mind is clear but in text is unclear. Aw but in those delightful moments of clarity of thought, the Holy Spirit teaches quite well when listening to those promptings. A fool for God I may be, but a glad one all the same. So to those who have been reading lately and finding some weird sentences, I do apologize. I don't mind being God's fool when it helps his Kingdom see his love even from this simple person.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Maybe it's in the air. I did this a couple of times on Face Book, and my daughter, Lizzie, who is a professor of neuroscience, wrote to me that, as a professional in the field of brains, she is worried about the condition of mine! (I responded: "What brain? I lost mine when you kids started to drive!")

Seriously, though, I think it is in the air!

Marie Cecile said...

It must be in the air as you said, good thing too. You brightened my day with what you wrote about the day your kids started to drive. Your kids are blessed to have a special mom. Thank you!!

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