September 30, 2009


I still haven't been able to translate the song from French to English. What I have been able to get from listening and then translating do not make any sense. I haven't given up. I also had a phone call the other day from a Sister about an inquiry made sometime ago. We spoke at length and I will receive some material from their Order. She mentioned some interesting things that had me thinking so the next thing that occured when I was taking a nap, I dreamt of visiting a Convent and being asked by two individuals if I was afraid, during the dream I said no. I had to go to St. Michel of all places, if this is what was alluded to a place high up on a hill somewhere in Europe. Interestingly this also occured on the Feast day of the Archangels, so St. Michael I presume who I was to refer to to conquer and obtain needed information regarding vocation. Anyway it don't make sense to those reading this, but to me it does in light of what recently came about.

I've also listened to the song numerous times to no avail. I am deeply sorry for not having kept up my French, maybe there was a reason behind this in God's eyes. A message I don't even understand at the moment, but when the time is right I suppose it will make plenty of sense. That is God's timing then. So for now, I get to look up as much as possible words and locations, such as St. Michel and why I would need to go there to speak to someone about vocation material. I am also grateful to those great Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael for the their love for God and all they have done in God's Kingdom.

***edited and corrected*** I really must proof read lol it made sense writing it.

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