September 16, 2009

It's Fixed

One of the things I managed to do yesterday after finding out the solenoid was gone on the lawnmower, was replace it. I had asked my dad to help me with it one day, except yesterday he too had a doctors appointment so I ended up changing it myself. It wasn't that hard to do. Finally the lawn was done at one time and not piece meal. After that last mowing with the push mower, I had come to grips that I overdid it because it knocked me down. But God gives us strength to accomplish the impossible at times. Something I am grateful for.

No matter what I do on a daily basis I always give God praise and thanksgiving for everything. It might be something really small to something grand and guarantee in my thought I will tell him of my thankfulness and love. Sometimes I wonder if I go overboard in letting God know I care about every small detail that he provides. After all He created so much in this world for us to be thankful for to begin with. Even when we have pain, the reasoning for it can be quite humbling considering the Cross that Jesus hung upon was of greater magnitude. The Lamb of God who takes away the sins the world, have mercy of us.

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