September 23, 2009


I don't know what hurts worst, pain in the body or mouth pain. I think mouth pain won hands down. Nothing worst than pain along the jaw that shoots straight to the ear. It could be worse! Mending an area long overdue, kinda what happens to our souls when we overlook the promptings to correct our actions, attitudes, and or thoughts. The conscience of all places that guide when we listen to it. When it's developed properly. Having the opportunity to read some spiritually insightful books has helped to aid the process of learning in my life lately.

I think I've come to a new level of awareness of my surroundings. There was a period of time that kept me apart from so much in order for me grasp the enormity of God's grace. I feel as if I've been newly awakened on this journey I'm traveling on. Honestly I don't know all that much about a lot of things other than what I have learned from life and interacting with others. I feel so blind about a lot of things that have been coming together. How can one explain the depths of their interior or for that matter what they feel is going on and how it all seems to take shape.

It's as if being kept in the dark until the right moment when part of the whole plan will reveal itself. It's knowing but not knowing until that precise moment he lifts the veil to allow a glimpse of the truth. The slow process of transformation rather than one swift move. I've wondered how it would have been if that happened and I don't think the process would have been the same. There are times when I truly feel dumb and totally out of my element when all I know is God's deep love and nothing else. Knowledge then eludes me about all I have learned and I sit with a dumbfounded look upon my face, with the thought of how is that possible to have lost so much and know so little when I have learned a lifetime of many things. Those are the moments of God's grace shinning ever brightly to keep pride from growing and allowing me to be ever humble in his sight.

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