June 30, 2009

A Work In Progress

After receiving emails with beautiful PowerPoint slide shows, I finally learned how to put one together. It's a work in progress with the pictures of the Eucharist, so far it's in the early stages. I just put some of the pictures and now it's placing them in chronological order. I did get to time them, there is no writing nor music yet. I didn't realize how much work and time it takes to put it all together. But the end result will be magnificent.

It's been a day of letting go too, I sent two pictures off to two people who belong to the Dominican chapter I belong to. They requested the one they wanted, unfortunately, I needed to obtain some ink in order to print them up. Off they went today to bring, hopefully, comfort and joy to their hearts. I placed one on the header of this blog and my other one, two different pictures of the Eucharist that God has given to me. I'm beginning to think it is almost time to show them. I know showing them was hard at the beginning, and time allowed me to learn as well as grow. A wonderful progress for sure.

The small garden that I planted is coming along nicely but the weeding is slow going. One would think they have a life of their own and want to grow just as much. There are some pole beans as well as bush beans, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, green peppers, butternut squash, acorn squash and turnip. A very small garden with only a few of each. I think the most is two rows of string beans. All the rain we had enabled the seeds to sprout and flourish, climbing the pole already. God is so good.

I was surprised by a phone call today from Angel. I hadn't spoke to him since over a year ago. It was odd, since Saturday evening I had recently mentioned him in a conversation with Father Plasse about a mountain we had gone to one day. Amazing how God brings people into our lives. He said the most amazing thing to me, that I was a light that shone bright and I had touched his life. I'm just thankful that God touched mine so I could touch others. It's all for Him and through Him.

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