June 07, 2009


What a blessing today was! It not only was delightful weather wise, the whole day was grace filled. A pilgrimage with many of my Dominican brothers and sisters as well as many of my Parish family to Lourdes in Litchfield, Connecticut. A bus trip that brought a group of people together on a journey of faith. This trip saw some changes at the Shrine that show much promise of future visits by more pilgrims.

The Mass was delightful as well as the hour of Adoration we shared before departing back home. God's presence never ceases to amaze me. When subtle changes began happening, I knew more than ever how much he is present during the hour of Adoration. A visual stretch, enough to know how favored this day was. That was the end of the day before parting.

Yet the beginning also had significance, the touch was present and given to another as part of God's love at the end of Mass. I do know from the words spoken during the homily as well, how truly possible it is to live when one has seen. Not a shake up but a confirmation of His truth that is deep within my heart.

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