May 28, 2009

What do you believe?

Over the weekend it seems someone had hit the or attempted to uproot the mailbox. I had found it and the paper one lying on the ground. I temporarily placed it back, but found it wasn't very secure. So yesterday I was about to re-dig the hole. To my delight my neighbor across the street was driving by. He stopped and we talked, then he parked and helped me out, we took turns digging. Good thing he was there too, since the base holding the pipe has a big blob of cement. With both of us working together maneuvering the mailbox into position we managed to secure it in the hole.

He certainly was heaven sent at a time when I needed help. My brother had also stopped over the other day after work to mend an area by the roof. More or less to replace shingles. He found more problems than needed. Now my parents need a new roof. We have a semi flat roof that periodically needs cool sealing to seal the metal roofing. Underneath it, in places have begun to deteriorate. Please say a prayer along with me for my mom and dad, because it is a burden that is too much for them at this time.

God does have a way of bringing people together to help each other out and he has a way of answering prayers that when we understand him we will see those prayers answered. It's all in how we ask him in the first place. Even my neighbor, he believes, yet he doesn't. It's due to what seems to be happening in the world that causes his disbelief. One of his questions was about prayer and why God doesn't answer them about all that is happening. People believe he exists but often wonder why he lets the world go to such dire straights. Even if I showed him the pictures of the Eucharist and God's visage on them, that alone would not convert his heart to belief. I think many in this world seek a miracle of conversion. A complete turnaround in the mess the world has become.

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