March 13, 2009

Water of Life

On Wednesday Sister Therese had given the album back and that night began a sharing of God's gift to me, when I shared that album with the others there too. So yesterday when I saw my spiritual director I had shown her my pictures of the Eucharist and the images of God that were captured when they were taken. A sharing of the story of when it began and somethings that I never told another soul.

I have kept quiet and a very low profile in my personal life about this. I don't show those pictures or relate the story too often. Most of the sharing of it has been on here where I have kept an account of some the moments that have graced my life. More than anything, that visit yesterday helped me to see how much I was keeping the flame burning low and not bright and visible at all. She did mention the part of the lamps with the oil. But as I began to write this, I began to see how much I was placing the basket over the candle light, almost obliterating it.

Who am I to hide the light of God's love from those who are thirsty for the life giving water. A gift of His love and I was holding it close to my heart, fearing that it would be taken away from me, when it is all I have. I have been hard on myself most of my life, and in this too I have been even harder. Opening yourself up and letting the light of God's love shine doesn't always have pleasant moments. And that's par for the course. Being a follower of God does not always have easy moments.

When I was upstairs this morning and while taking care of a few things, I overheard on the television a conversation about the military and how during a particularly bad time, how they must have been ashamed of their actions. Even in this regard when we think about it we criticize so much and many speak out about it. The same can be said about the few rotten apples in the Church as well. But many organizations do not get persecuted as much as the Catholic Church does for it's actions. Amazing isn't it when thinking about this how true it is. God gets persecuted most of all and yet he loves us constantly and tries to show us. I know he shows me numerous times, but like everyone else, I kept quiet about his love too.

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