February 05, 2009


I had my first visit with my Spiritual Director yesterday, it was postponed due to last weeks snow storm. It was quite an hour of pleasant rapport. I look forward to the coming journey with her. This is one time that I actually felt comfortable relating what I have experienced with the Eucharist and also with music. In that she too has had the gift of song come to her. A blessing in that regard. I don't feel so alone with that now. There is someone who also has had the grace of experiencing this and can relate to it. A big difference for sure, especially when those of the faith have not experienced it.

On that note the same can go for those who never experienced upheaval and loss. How do they know how possible it is for God to rectify and turn life around like he did with Job. We had a discussion last night on that. There is always someone in the faith who will say something about helping yourself out. But in Job's case and the case of many who have literally suffered and attempted to do so and not achieved any liberation until by Divine Providence, they will never understand. No matter how long they study the Bible or have been in the faith will they see any truth. God has a purpose in each of our lives, it's placing our will and trust in Him that helps us to see clearly His way in all things.

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