February 12, 2009

Light A Candle

This morning the words highlighted in red were playing over and over upon waking up. The CD I have of Daniel ODonnel doesn't have this song on it, yet I recognized the singer, I haven't listened to any of his songs in a while. Last night we started to do Lectio Divina during Scripture Sharing. What an evening of reflection! I gave Sister Therese my photo album of the Eucharist to look through last night. That's the second time that album has been given out for a period of time. It's always been kept with me. It's amazing how God's Word is. People don't realize how alive the Bible is in their lives unless they begin to see with new eyes the love God has for them. Like this song that I awoke to, how amazing God is when we place ourselves in His hands.


Just one little candle
Can shine through the night
A symbol of faith
A flame that keeps burning
That never stops turning
The darkness away

Light a candle
To start a new dawn
Let it be like a prayer
And together we’ll shine
In a moment of time
We can share
Light a candle
To start a new dawn

Life is for giving
For those who are living
In love’s ray of light
And life is for caring
So never stop sharing
Your beacon so bright



We can unite the world from one tiny spark
Its better to light a candle
Than curse in the dark


Light a candle
To start a new dawn
Light a candle
To start a new dawn

Light a candle
Light a candle

2 Words of Wisdom:

SQUELLY said...

This is so beautiful!

Just Me Marie Cecile said...

The song certainly is. and so is God. Thank you Squelly.

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