January 27, 2009


One thing people never get over is unconditional love. A few words from this song came through ever so softly while sitting quietly pondering the remnants of my life. More than anything God knows our hearts, at least mine. The words highlighted are words that were softly known. God knows more than anything how much my heart would break if he were to leave my side. I would never get over him, it would take an eternity and then some. A strange song to come through the depths of my heart. But as I read the lyrics I also have come to realize that sometimes our dreams destiny's pass us by, and that's sometimes how I feel with my life. Yet God's presence is my dream and my destiny at this time in my life. Where my heart is aimed directly for his love.

I'll Be Over You

Some people live their dreams
Some people close their eyes
Some people's destiny
Passes by

There are no guarantees
There are no alibis
That's how our love must be
Don't ask why

It takes some time
God knows how long
I know that I can forget you

As soon as my heart stops breakin'
As soon as forever is through
I'll be over you

Remembering times gone by
Promises we once made
What are the reasons why
Nothing stays the same

There were the nights holding you close
Someday I'll try to forget them
Someday I'll be over you

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

I think the saddest thing we can do to ourselves is to spend all our time thinking of our yesterdays. When we do that we miss the glory of the present moment.....The greatest gift we give to ourselves is in letting go....and that includes memories that hurt or haunt us...Just let it go.....:)and feel blessed:).

Peace to you MC:)

Marie xooxoxox

Marie Cecile said...

Those moments of purification are truly cleansing, I thank you for your judgement. Amazing how life is, I understand more than anything the significance of the songs placed in my heart, I don't regret my life because I wouldn't have what I have now and that is the closest relationship a person will ever have with God. And the blessings are tremendous. Thank you again, my love to you.

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