January 07, 2009


There are moments when I ponder the significance of why certain things happen and no one else smells it unless it is by the grace of God. On Saturday at work when a co-worker came in and sat at the desk next to mine. I asked her what perfume she was wearing, she replied that she wasn't. Yet it was a most delightful scent. Those moments when only I smell the scent can make others look upon you as a bit daft when their faith is not the same as yours.

But at Mass the next evening did not prepare me to have my nose touched by the most delightful scent of incense. At first I thought how what a wonderful cologne the gentleman in front of me was wearing, but as the aroma was very near so was the waft of dust that encountered my nose. Which tickled and was so strong that I sneezed. After blowing the nose the odor was gone. No one else was near other than the man in front of me. Yet no one smelled this but myself except this last one was felt as well. The Bible is very alive in my life on those occasions. Yet why am I the recipient of these special graces? And for what purpose other than to reinforce the truth of his Word. It doesn't mean a thing to anyone else and to the non believer, God only knows.

At least in this regard it is my only outlet to relay the graces that are imparted to strengthen the faith of others and how near God can be for them when they open their hearts completely to his love. It is not only the joy in being united with him it is so much more. I know when my time comes to part this world I will stand in judgement along with everyone else. At least while I have this time I can attempt to amend what errors I have caused and pray non stop for salvation as well as for those who will never change because they think they know better than God. There is always hope that their hearts will open up and let him in like a flower opens up to the sun.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I believe there are multitudes of angels at every Mass, worshipping, praising, singing, offering incense (as in your previous post). Heaven and earth are joined at each Mass, and you are blessed, mc, to catch a glimpse (or a whiff!) of this through the veil.

Marie Cecile said...

The Mass is truly special then. What a joy it would be for others to receive this glimpse as well. Thank you Gabrielle!

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