November 22, 2008

Something Beautiful

My moms back surgery went well yesterday morning. My sister and I are the caretakers of my dad during this time. When I can't be there due to work, my sister Debbie is there. Anyway she stayed with my dad when I went and did my Adoration hour. They were having a forty hour devotion at the Church with vespers last night. I was delighted to be present to offer thanksgiving for a successfull surgery.

Unfortunately the whole hour was done in Polish and I wasn't able to follow along with the program, even on the English part. So most of the time I spent gazing up at our Lord with my thoughts not on the prayer but on other matters. I began to think about Latin and how it was universal in the Church, how it made the Church in Unity. Last night there was no unity, because those who don't understand the language will stay away from participating. And like myself if we go we are not really part of it because our participation is more of a bystander than a participant. It was during these thoughts in the course of Adoration and the rest of the group were chanting that my mouth dropped open in shock at what I saw. The detachment of the monstrance from the base. It hovered, and to clear the eyes from the possible of having stared too long, I looked away. But from that point on as I drew my eyes away and returned to gaze, it would happen again.

I don't know if it had to do with what I was thinking about and his response or if it may have just been the fact that he wants our hearts united to his as one. I know he is doing something quite significant with me, because at another 40 hour devotion, I saw the monstrance do a bow over the head of the Monsignor. Amazingly this Church is called Christ the King and this is where I have had the grace to witness many beautiful happenings. When he chooses to make his point he does it quite well with a fashion statement, in this instance it's the name of the Church to coincide with his gift to me.

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