November 08, 2008


I signed up at my Parish over a year or two ago to learn and be a lector. But things didn't quite work out that way. Now I do have an opportunity, they are seeking one for a weekday morning mass and I have that one day off so I will finally get to do it. Now it's re-arranging time schedule to have the time to go to early mass in the morning. I was going in the afternoon on my days-off.

My mom is doing much better after her fall, she will be having back surgery later this month if her doctor gives her the go ahead. This is an issue that has been there for awhile. She's had many problems with her back for a very long time. How is it that many are so fortunate to not have to carry a cross their whole life and others are given such a heavy one. I don't know what made me think along these lines earlier in the way of suffering and how each of us handles our own. As I pondered many things about life, I have to say I was fortunate to know both ends of how we live. I wasn't rich but I also didn't have to worry either and then I found myself on the other end of things and saw how it was for the less fortunate.

The same can be said on the health as well, when we have it we know so much and do so much but never truly know what the other half feels. When all is said and done after we too go through our own trials in sickness we begin to see in a way that helps to unite us with those who have suffered and never once complained and smiled in spite of the offenses they endured. Maybe by grace I had the chance to know so much to be able to see the whole picture in diverse ways. The rich will never know how it is to be poor and the poor will never know what it is to be rich, unless they are given the opportunity to learn in this life what each goes through. There is so much in this life that we all could learn but fail to take a moment in our day to even understand the heartache and suffering our neighbors go through day to day.

They are classified in numerous ways, judged by their looks of color, their faith or lack of one, or by what they earn or don't earn, whether they have insurance or not. It all depends on what we have doesn't it. Not so much what we don't have, because if that is the case the treatment is definitely one not fit for human dignity. Yet there are so many poor in the world that are forced to lie, cheat and steal just to survive. Some because we caused issues that brought about addictions that pretty much do everything to bury the suffering and shame that we treat them with. And some is brought on by themselves, but guaranteed most is caused by our own lack of love for our neighbor. There is probably a small majority on this earth out of a whole planet full of people that are truly genuine. Maybe someday the odds will favor a better outcome.

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