October 05, 2008

Precious Moments

When I did my hour of Adoration on Friday evening all was well. There have been one or two times that out of nowhere a thought would enter and I would find myself in tears. It's an unusual happening because it comes when I least expect it. It's as if I am to understand a deep and profound love. The tears are one of happiness and sorrow all together. Sometimes I wonder why I was given this moment while in the presence of Our Lord. It is then that I begin to know that it is his love for me that swells my heart and mine for him as the longing of our love comes to the surface of the mind not just of the heart.

I know I have been quiet lately, there has been much that I have been undertaking after work hours that help in building my time with Parish activities. The start of Scripture Sharing and the Prayer Cenacle, it's nice to pray and share with others the love of God. I love sharing that part most of all because God is so very loving. So many people miss out on his love because they are so busy looking to fill a void in their lives. I know because I did the same thing at some point in my life. One thing I have found after searching all these years in all the wrong places even when I went to Him for everything, it was His love that I have longed for the most. But as I pushed Him away with my sins and desires the less I knew Him. We all love in some way to some degree those closest to us, but can we open our hearts to God to let Him fill that emptiness, that we fill with so much other stuff. For me, I know more than anything that His love is beyond compare. It is the treasure worth finding. Seek His love and you will find it.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Lindy said...

I enjoyed this post very much!
Happy Tuesday!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Lindy,

Happy Wednesday to you as well!

Anonymous said...

mdg said
Keep the good work have a wonderful day

Marie Cecile said...

forgive me mdg I missed this comment, thank you for your kind words and I hope you also have a wonderful day.

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