September 03, 2008

The Young

My dad came downstairs to get me to let me know there was deer on the front lawn, nursing. I grabbed my camera and these three pictures were all I could get. Believe me we were very quiet, but as soon as I took this first shot from the kitchen window, the feeding quickly ended. And the oddest thing happened while we watched, they turned directly toward the house. Unfortunately while my camera was processing this picture, I couldn't take the next one with them staring. It was awesome to see God's creatures. These were the quickest pictures I've ever taken and they came out a bit blurry but they still look good.

I wonder if I took a picture of the trees at the grotto while it was in video mode if it would have captured the dancing leaves last week. Unfortunately it wasn't on while we were doing the Rosary, but there were three witnesses to what was going on and they saw it. Now that would have been quite something wonderful to have captured on film. I love these moments when God's presence is known. Even when the deer show up.

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