August 10, 2008


Over at Jackies blog catholic mom of 10 revisited, she has a youtube video with Olivia Newton John that plays a scene of her singing from a porch in the movie Grease. That brought back so many memories, some about relationships and with recent events in my life, about God and my relationship with Him.

It's all about relationship isn't it. We look at our lives and our families and see where we would like to mend rifts or heal wounds that were caused by words or actions of a heated moment. Even in our friendships can go through some form of upheaval at times. Life at its best is a trial, yet with God by our side we walk in a way more diligent in our thoughts, words and deeds. Our conscience tends to lead us on the right path when we have a good relationship with God.

The other night at Chapel I was finishing reading the Discernment book and one part was about relationship and at that time I knew within my own heart that God is the major part of my relationship, the very love of my life. He is the one I turn to when I hurt, he is the one I turn to when I am happy. It's a relationship of total and unconditional love. In that regard even I falter at times and get upset for things that happen that cause so much strife in the world and I look to Him and say, fix it. Mend the world, fix the people. All because of reading so much turmoil going on and what people in the world suffer.

That relationship with God is truly one that binds a heart to each other and is faithful in every way.

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