August 18, 2008


I wonder how many listen and then reflect upon the readings at Mass. I began thinking about yesterday's, which prompted me to go back and re-look at the many pictures of the Eucharist that I have taken. I sat in total awe of what he has given. It was the consolation of a lifetime. A gift beyond compare.

I had placed those pictures like everything we do in our lives, on the top shelf so to speak. Out of sight, but not out of mind. Thoughts of God are ever present, but I failed to continue to seek understanding. I think that's why I have made pilgrimages to Shrines to remove the negativity that the world causes, to restore balance and harmony with a very loving God.

Not many people truly seek the presence of God in their lives. They say much but it is lip service, their hearts are made of stone. The last healing Mass I had gone to I had the opportunity to understand that God pours out his love to bring healing. That is quite beautiful if you ask me. And he does it everytime because His love is great.

2 Words of Wisdom:

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