July 13, 2008


Friday evening before leaving to Chapel, my sister and niece were over with an eight week old puppy. My moms dog and the puppy were having so much fun chasing each other, it was a joy to watch. We were outside so what came next was a surprise because we only were in the house for a few minutes before I was to leave. I left the basement door and approached my car, when I turned around I saw a racoon rounding the foundation of the house from the front stairway. It walked along the foundation as if I wasn't there. I got in and moved the car to leave, but the racoon didn't even stop. This I can say is where cell phones did come in handy, I called the house to let them know there is a racoon going up the back stairs to the backyard and not to let the dogs out. That was a first for me. I never saw a racoon up close like that before. They have the strangest walk I have ever seen, but then again God has his purpose in how he makes those creatures. Just like he did with each of us.

Do many of us see God in our fellow human beings. Do we see him in their actions, their words. Or do we see the evil one present when we hear lies, or see actions that cause strife. Who do we portray in our daily life? I mention this because I am reminded from others that those in the position of power give false promises to the public. The politicians and so very many others. It has become the mind set of how we live. If they can do it so does everybody else. So if they lie about what they speak, people never believe in what they are told. Those politicians, who are they portraying then, and for that matter are we doing the same in our daily lives. Are we condemning ourselves by these actions, because in the end we are all judged by God.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Esther said...

Good reflection MC. I wish I could remember to see God more often in my neighbor, especially those who are difficult. As for politicians, I guess we need to pray hard for them.

Marie Cecile said...

Thanks esther, the reason behind the political vein is because so many people state how around voting time they promise things but never deliver. And the voice their distrust. As the time draws nearer to vote for a new president those voices get louder in their dissatisfaction from all those who went before and did that very thing as well. And yes they need our prayers as much as our troubled priests.

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