July 02, 2008


Now that was a harrowing experience in changing templates. I nearly lost it all, it took some searching to find a few things. But one thing that I couldn't put back was the pictures. Each time I put them on they wouldn't open or show. So until I figure it out they are temporarily gone. One thing I am grateful for is blogrolling where I have my blog links of favorite reading. Without that I would have lost the sites. And in the process of it I discovered blogger has added a new way of listing blog links. I think I've been trying to make my blog interesting to look at, from my point of view anyway. I like looking at things that are pretty and if mine is humdrum to look at well then a change is needed. So on that note if I'm not satisfied with it, it will change again.

It's like having God in our life, when he is present we are satisfied. The use of the sacraments help in keeping him present as well. When I look at things and see humdrum, then I need to perk up my relationship with my beloved. To look within and listen to what I need from him. More or less stoke the flames of his love. He is always there and we have a tendency to do what we do with our relationships with those we love. We get comfortable with the realization that they are there, until one day we find them gone no longer near us. Like a husband and wife when they first marry or a boyfriend and girlfriend when they discover and know the love in their hearts. After awhile the relationship changes to one of routine and soon the fire of love slowly dwindles. Those relationships, just like ours with God need to be kept alive, and that means stoking the fire. With God it is keeping our hearts pure and on the right path. With those we love, we need to do the same.

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