July 11, 2008


Last night was the wake for Roger, he looked so peaceful. I found out what it means to embrace death in how he chose to live out the remainder of his life. Jackie took care of him for four months when he went through chemotherapy. We she told me he researched leukemia and saw that treatment only prolonged life for a short while, he chose not to go that route. Instead he chose to live the remainder of his life filled with quality rather than living with sickness from treatments. Amazingly when confronted with a teminal illness and you know that life will end the choices that patient go through to live out the remainder of life. Yet many seek healing and continually look for that all time miracle to continue life without pain or suffering. Because of how he chose to live the remainder, the course of M6 leukemia was swifter. I have to give him credit to spend the remainder of time living life as if there was no end.

Roger was my age and single so his choice was to go in dignity, I once mentioned to him that he should have been a priest. But he chose to build his business instead which took so very much of his time. But the result ended with a home he built up in the mountains. Did he live life, of course he did. I was looking at the pictures they had of him growing up and I was struck by two of them. One was lighting the Easter Candle at Church and the Cross he wore around his neck. He is going to missed by family and friends.

Isn't this how we are to learn about life and death. How to sacrifice. Understanding there is nothing to fear but fear itself. And life does go on.

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