July 06, 2008

Just Thoughts

I came home from work to find out Father was coming to dinner, and had other news that wasn't so good. My cousin Roger had found out he had cancer. The kind he had was invasive. When we found out about his illness it was less I think than a year ago. He passed away on July 4th. The shock has yet to set. He is only two years older than me too. I know my mom had mentioned that he wasn't doing too well. But I think more than anything it was the fact that his illness was swift that has the mind thinking it is so hard to believe he died so soon.

No one is ever truly prepared to die, yet there are many who have been given such a time to know that their life will end. It is in this time frame that they take care of business or tie up loose ends. They make arrangements, but I often wonder do they also prepare their souls for their coming passing. Some do and some don't. Just like we have many opportunites while we are living to come closer to God, some do and then again some don't. It seems to come down to choices then doesn't it. Do we choose to go to confession and free our souls of sin or do we choose to ignore our souls health. Sin is like cancer it eats away at the life of our souls. If we go to doctors for our physical health, then going to confession and Jesus is the same for our souls health as well. Death has a way of making us think about how quickly we could all be gone. Yet when we choose life we forget who gave it to us in the first place.

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