June 25, 2008

Awesome Day

This one is looking toward the old sugar shack and the relic of a farm tractor. That path was heavily grown in.
This one is heading toward the overgrown and filled in with sediment small pond, err stream now. This too was a narrow walk.
This is the over grown pond stream with freshly cut back grass and tall weeds as well as some of those wild rose picker bushes. At one time we could walk along the stream. But those picker bushes grew to fast to keep them clear. Now it will be a chore to make a walking path. This spot was quite nice when my grandfather was alive, he cleared a lot of brush and made it so pretty. Thirty years has a way of growing back nature when we don't keep it up.

These past two days have been busy one's. Yesterday after tackling the laundry, it was a nice drive to Keene, New Hampshire to meet up with Sister Juanita. I think that meeting went well. It turned out to be a nice day and a nicer ride home.

But this morning I was out the door after 8 this morning to get the mowing done. I finally finished late afternoon. This was a major mowing since we have the riding one back. What a difference it makes. But I still used the push mower for areas that are closest to the woods. Last week I was able to prune back some rhododendrons, this week it was pick up the cuttings. I didn't get a chance to prune some more since it took me over 5 hours to mow and clean up last weeks mess of clippings.

The pictures are of the overgrown area that once looked like a park, now it looks like nature at it's best. When I pruned a bush yesterday I was able to see a cute lime green frog clinging to a branch. That's the first time I've ever seen one like that. God does have a beautiful way of arranging nature and making critters.

My vegetable garden is all natural this year, a tiny tomato has made it's appearance, the lettuce is growing in containers this year. No fence around the garden, and good thing the lettuce is not there either. The area rabbit has eaten the kale and brussel sprout plants. They might come back since I put the leaves from the rhodies around them to hide them. I don't know if that will work but it's worth a try. The chipmunk has been having dessert with the strawberries.

Then when all that wonderful yard work was completed we dined out and now I finally am relaxing. One thing I enjoyed was the physical yard work. I never felt so alive as I did outdoors with God and the clean air from the trees. I noticed that yesterday also on my drive home, the difference where there are more trees and in the areas there are less. Maybe that's why Jesus loved the mountains so much. It was not only cooler but fresher in air and much closer to God.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

very nice the pictures are great & a happy birthday

Marie Cecile said...

Thanks Mom

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