May 06, 2008

Yard Work Time

Momma Robin laying peacefully in the nest after I upset the area when I mowed. She definitely chirped up a storm loud enough to be heard over the mower. Good thing too, since the next picture is a nest of, I think baby rabbits, that I nearly stepped on and mowed over. It was close that when I moved away and shut off the push mower. I looked at the nest and saw quivering movement. I hope they are okay as I haven't seen any movement since. One thing for certain, momma Robin was on the up and up with the alert.

After doing some mowing, not all of it since the riding lawn mower is broken. It's going to get done in stages, since the front lawn is all hill. I did the part of the back today as well as preping the garden. It's not going to be as big as last years. The side to where there is no plants by Jesus' statue, it's sandy from a previous pool long gone. Nothing grew there so that area is not getting done. Just will add some soil to restore and build it back up. I did move a few rhubarb to make a row. They look so wilted and Jesus looks quite perky. Thank goodness to my brother for letting us use his mini garden tiller. It actually worked pretty good this year. Since last years garden was all natural, it will be the same again this time. Only without some of the plants that didn't do well. Like the celery and a few others that for some reason started out good but they didn't do well around certain plants. And animals that had a field day with the roots. They always say plant more than needed to feed the wildlife as well.

It was a busy day all around. I began to wonder about the plants that are bought, are they natural ones or from the genetically altered ones. All the seeds that are bought are they the same way as well. Are there any left that have not been changed in some way. And they all have been laced by some growth chemical as they grow. Interesting how much is not natural anymore. I remember last year when we ate the tomatoes how good they were. And the difference from a farm. Those tomatoes had a strong taste of manure and even when manure is used there are chemicals from the feed as well. It may take years to clean out all the pollutants that inhabit so much of the world. What we thought was a good thing ends up not being as good as we thought.

A battle that somehow will be won. That reminds me of the awesome dream of a man who for some strange reason I took as St. Michael the Archangel. He was so huge in size, I was captivated by his hair of all things. But for some reason I knew it was St. Michael. It was the strangest way of seeing hair done is such a way that I couldn't help but stare at him. All I remember was a few words to the effect of conquering the devil, about doing a good job. And this I thought I said to him. There was something else but it is hard at this time for me to grapple with. It had to do with me dying. And I don't know if it is because of the casework I do dealing with people who have died and are dying and some very ill. With my own issues as well in regards to health. I know the one I wrote about was a phone call from a person relating their family. It's hard not being touched in some way. So in a way I have to wonder if in the back of my mind these people have somehow carried over into my sleep. But one thing I know for certain, that man in my dreams was St. Micheal.

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