May 29, 2008

The Olive Branch

When I was doing this mornings writing, it was about Noah and the olive branch. In one of my pictures of the Eucharist the first pictures taken of what should have been the very likeness of Jesus in a pose, came out instead with a dove holding a branch in it's beak in the area of his body. At least that is what I saw on there. So the many pictures that I took all came out different showing different things. This was one of the first one's when it was Jesus I saw on the Host. I had to wonder what was wrong with my camera because it wasn't giving me what I was seeing on the Host. They were all coming out different.

This particular one definitely had a dove and a branch as part of the body no doubt about it. And each one is unique. I am discovering in my life today how it all ties in with the Bible. I didn't see it and didn't even understand what those pictures were showing me. What I mean is, what I saw I didn't understand what I was seeing. Some people may never see anything on them at all. That is the beauty of what He did. I even tested the camera by taking pictures of another Host too, those came out normal. So why did they come out this way in the one place of Adoration that He touched my heart. I even questioned that too, if I saw what I saw there wouldn't I see him elsewhere as well. This is how I thought, it was hard for me to come to grips with the knowledge of His blessing. I'm not making an issue about it, but trying to make a period in my life more clear. When we are being groomed by God it is done in His time, not ours.

Well anyway, in this regard I have begun to see through His eyes what it's all about. The truth of the Bible and His hand in it. It's amazing but I really did feel as if I was a child in swadling clothes after it all began. That's when I believe he began to teach me of the many truths about so much. I can honestly say I had faith, but I began to see it through his eyes. And that's when I saw things so very differently. I know one thing that when I erred in life, I have always regretted my sin more than it was possible to regret. I'm no different than anyone else in this life. Nothing is easy but the suffering is far different than what others will have.

Back to what I originally started to write about, the olive branch. The symbol of peace. I've always believed that God wants us to live in peace, to have peace in our world. Don't we understand that when he sends us Mary and she speaks of peace exhorting us to pray for it. That's what he wants for us to live amongst each other and to live in His love. His love is that great for us to want us to have a valuable gift in His eyes. The gift of peace, as the dove bears the olive branch in Noahs time, he has done so for us too.

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