May 21, 2008

Life At It's Best

I know there is always a lesson to be learned when things fail. It's learning to not be reliant on gadgets. When I was mowing yesterday with the push mower, the second mowing of the season. I came to the realization how spoiled we become when we have things in our life that makes things easier to do. I actually enjoyed walking around pushing the thing. It was the realization of the purpose behind it all. One it is good for exercise and the other was in knowing that someday we may not have these things to help make our lives easier. Someday it will all be gone and so will our reliance on money be gone too. A world that will be built on working together and no one will be greater or less.

Imagine a world where we would all work as one body to make what we need. A world that uses each other to build. But a world that is based on love and not on greed. It is a world void of money and power as God intended it. It is slowly coming to this where money will no longer be the major factor in it all. It has caused so much evil since it was first brought to the surface of mankind. It has separated the body of Christ in so many ways.

Well anyway as I was mowing and these thoughts came to mind of the simplicity of life we live, yet in a complex way. Everything that we have is made with the purpose of making life easier and yet when nature causes a power outage we are at a loss as to how to survive. We've become so dependent on those inventions that we fail to live life without these additional products. In a sense we have become a lazy society. When we prepare food, what do we use to cut the veggies, food processors or just a knife. Which is simpler in the long run. But the lessons of life aren't learned at all until we lose something that aids us and we open our eyes to the truth.

3 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

Great post, MC.
I think of is gradually taking away our jobs from the simple checkout, to the telephone banking assistant and ATM, to the tech support over in India, to store sales.
However, with all my shopping (other than groceries) taking place online these days, the US Post office Priority and the UPS company love the way I support them..LOL.
Oh...and I use a knife to cut and chop..only because I hate taking apart the food processor and washing it.More work to do.

Pia said...

A friend of mine was talking about how many times, in western society, our problems are mainly inconveniences. It's very sobering to discover how much in other societies,the problems people face regard how they are going to survive until the next day. And yet, those people are quicker to give a beautiful, heartwarming smile to a stranger than many westerners.

Marie Cecile said...

Thanks!! It sure is, and we let it happen to (progress). God has a plan and we aren't privy to it and I hope that things start changing pretty soon.

Me to, I use a knife to do the cutting. I like working with my hands.

Pia how true, that in some countries their survival is day to day, even for those who are marginalized from the age of progress. They too survive day to day.

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