April 02, 2008

The Sun Shines

It was quite a day today, the other temps from some of the other agencies had gotten together and brought in a cake for my last day. That was such a beautiful gesture on their part. I've seen others go and never received anything like this when they left. It was so touching, as well as the goodbyes from the supervisors. If anything should ever happen and I'm in need of a job, all I have to do is call them and they will find me a spot with them. I jokingly told them that I will come and work on my days off with them.

I had two marriage proposals as well. I was a bit shocked on those. One from the agency I was with treated me to lunch and gave me a nice letter as well. And as the day came to an end, the lady next to me, I gave her my last two units for cleaning in the morning, they were a present since they had stickers on them. I told her when she grows to love what she hates doing she won't mind the stickers so much, and in that very sentence was also said in the same regard about those who we dislike, we grow to love them.

Rosa and I exchanged phone numbers, and she called me her amiga mia, her friend and I too said it as well. In time we will teach each other to speak each others language. I know one thing that was done when this day began at work, I prayerfully blessed each of them. I hope that whatever happens in their lives, that somehow I may have touched theirs in a faithfilled way. There were no tears but only happiness as I continue my journey in life.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

Warm and fuzzy big smiles! :-)

Gave me a good feeling reading that, MC!

You were appreciated and will be missed and remembered.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you teresa! And they were so happy with me all day too, it was truly a blessing to be with them.

Gabrielle said...

Gosh, mc, I've never heard anyone say they had two marriage proposals in one day, and then not give any of the details! :)

Marie Cecile said...

lol gabrielle, one of the guys had loudly said I was his future wife to the room at large, I didn't take it seriously, even when he kept trying to get my email and mention about going to dinner as friends, uhm he says you know not b/f, or g/f thing. This man has a problem with his faculties at times, but I don't judge him. And the other asked if I would remarry and I said I wasn't sure and he mentioned about how about a black one with white in it. He is black of course with white in his hair and was referring to himself, him too on several occasions have mentioned plans to marry me, I didn't take him serious either. I kinda figured in the workforce some men will do about anything for a females attention. Those proposals were of the nice gestures to say I would be missed not that they would want a permanent relationship. They did happen in their sweet way.

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