April 08, 2008

Sing Hosanna!

It was nice to have a day off, just not used to having them in the week. I didn't realize how long a work period it was since I ended one job and continued to the next without time off. So today was a nice day to get some things done. Straightening out the closet was one of the long overdue things to be done. I'm so happy that I can finally get rid of long held clothes that I was hoping to fit into, it was time to let them go. Taking one moment at a time and tackling one and completing it is important.

I took my mom to the store and bumped into an old friend from an old job I used to work at. He's still with them, and found out his girlfriend of two years has cancer. When he was telling me about it, I heard the tears in his voice. This man shares the same birthdate as I do, not the same year, so I know how he is in regards to taking care and being there for his girlfriend. I'm proud of him for it.

It was odd too since earlier in the day I was in the general vicinity of where I used to work, and thought how nice it would be to see one them. God delivered, later in the day that person. I told my mom that as we were headed back home. After unloading the car and putting some of the food stuff away, the strangest thing occured. I began to sing, "Sing Hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing alleluia." And by now it no longer is strange either. These words were sung I believe in Church, but unsure to what part of the Mass they were sung. I could almost hear the children singing this, because the kids sing it. It was nice to have this special grace.

I think part of growing and accepting the graces that are given make a difference. But I can't help recall that night on Holy Thursday and the feeling of a new softness to my person, and I can't explain it in a way to justify it. Nor how the prayer flowed so easily when it began so hard.
A friend from my last job had emailed me and wrote this "the journey down the narrow road to life awaits you, many will choose the wide road, for those ones will be lost forever." I was stunned by those words Henry wrote but also knew the truth in them too. Henry is an amazing guy, he wrote me such a nice letter to read after I left my last job. People often come into our lives for a reason, Henry is like a spiritual brother, he always called me sister.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

re: your friend who has a girlfriend with cancer.
My cousin developed MS in her 20's. When her husband heard that , he packed up and left her and her daughter to fend for themselves.
The couple (not Catholic)divorced.
A few years later my cousin met a man who fell in love with her and said he would stay with her throughout the entire battle with the disease(which has no cure, but is degenerative in nature).
To this day many years later he has kept his word and loves her more than ever, even though the disease is taking her beauty and mobility bit by bit.
That is an example to me and many of true marital love.....

Thanks for sharing your day off with us!

Marie Cecile said...

That's a shame that happened to your cousin. She ended up with true love after all that, her blessing.

My friend had said the same that they are going through it together, that 's beautiful when a man or woman can stay by anothers side through illness and not walk away. They are the truly blessed one's.

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