April 26, 2008

Just Another Day

Didn't know that it could happen and yet it has, a spring cold has arrived. Lack of sleep didn't help but as always it's keeping a cheerful attitude when the sinuses want to explode. I think the best part of a head cold is hearing people say God bless you without refraining from only saying bless you when we sneeze. I'm not ashamed to say God bless you even if the person isn't of the faith, I never really saw anyone mind it being said to them when they sneeze. If anything they say thank you.

It takes four days for a cold to evolve and mine started yesterday with a sore throat so from deductions it must have occured from Sunday or Monday. On Sunday that was a huge place to make contact with a cold, but so was Monday if there was anyone in the vicinity. Such is life, things happen to slow us down a bit and reflect on areas that may need a bit of pruning. Each of us has moments in our life when there are some ups and downs, good health and days when it's not so good. It's in those moments that reflecting on what is important matters. For me it's God, Jesus and the whole Divine family. If I begin to make my health a central focus then I failed to place my trust in God and placing Him first. I am discovering so many things that sometimes are not so important.

I had a medal and a St. Joseph card with me the other day in my pocket. The medal was attached to a small pin, it's a picture of Jesus pointing to his heart. What was interesting when I took the card and the medal out of my pocket when I went to change clothes, I found the medal without the pin attached to it, only thing bizarre about the pin, it was closed and right where it should have been but not attached to the medal. It was the strangest thing to pick up the medal by the pin as usual but when I did it, it didn 't take the medal with it. I hardly moved all day and my hand didn't go into my pocket until that moment. I wondered how on earth did the pin open and release the medal it was attached to and then close itself but stay with the pin as if attached.

Interesting as it was I wore it attached on my top and it stayed secure all day and that was with my cross hitting it as well. The medal originally wasn't mine to begin with, and I was going to burn it as I was told to do with sacramentals. The glass on it obscures the image as it is quite scratched. It is visible to make out. But anyway I ended up keeping it and then the pin thing happened after I kept it on me all day. Is Jesus making a specific point, I think so. He is telling me not to throw any of his sacramentals away, but it is also his Sacred Heart that matters the most. It's his heart and his love that he keeps pointing to. Twice in two different ways has he managed to come across other than music or circumstance in life and nature. It is in a direct fashion now. He is my heart, my life, my very soul. No matter what happens to me in my life I will always trust him to keep me safe.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim2 said...

I do hope you get over your cold quickly.
I have had 2 persons reject a God Bless You...it was a surprise to hear. Even though I heard it said once before , It felt strange when I heard it a few months ago on my 'Emmaus Walk. I guess it just reflects part of our society's values. It shouldn't have come as a surprise to me.
re: sacramentals...I get tons of them (unblessed) in the mail as fundraisers. We have a lot of poor in our parish, and so every once and again I will select several from my drawer and put them on the table in the hall next to the bulletin and post a 'free' sign.
Usually they all get takers..
Hope you had a great Sunday Mass, MC, if you were able to go.

Marie Cecile said...

Oh me too teresa, it's calming down some. At least I'm not perpetually blowing my nose.

That's a good idea with the sacramentals, I never thought to do that with the extras that I had.

And yes I do get to go to Mass on Sunday, it's the afternoon Mass at another Parish. My Parish has theirs at 5 pm and I am still at work. The morning one I would end up late for work, so it's another Church I go to for Mass. Theirs is 5:30 pm and I get 10 minutes before Mass to reflect. And that's with traffic permitting.

I hope you had a great day too teresa, but even better a great week (((hugs)))

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