April 24, 2008

High Up Above

Some were higher, but the first time I went to my seat located on Tier 1, row p, seat 6, there was no one in the section on the way up. So when I reached mine, believe me I was scared when I went to sit down. I prayed to conquer the fear that threatend to keep me bolted to my seat. Those prayers did work as I was able to leave for a bathroom call and stop to have a hot dog to tide me over without having to use more glucose tablets. I kept my food and water fare on the light side that day. I was gone from my seating area during some of the entertainment. The boys choir, they were awesome all dressed in white, it was truly wonderful. I was even more grateful to find my seat was directly in line with the Pope's seat, but way above. This picture is of the people who sat directly in front of me. Most of the other pictures are pretty much the same but at various times throughout the day. With the exception of the ones I posted during the entertainment prior to the Mass. It really was magnificent and beautifully done. I don't know who put it all together but one thing is for certain I am thankful God brought them together to unite us all on such a beautiful day.

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