March 20, 2008

One Hour in the Garden

I've come to find something quite beautiful when reflecting upon our Lord. All through Mass this evening when watching the washing of the feet, I couldn't help but think back to a time when Jesus did this very thing. This year for some reason is very significant. When I was pondering what was going on in my life, the time off hit me big time in such a way to let me see that I was also given this special time to spend with our Lord. A time to place myself with Him as we all place ourselves in this grace filled moment.

After Mass, I stayed in my pew and waited the hour with our Lord. It was a moment that will always touch my heart profoundly as I thought of the night Jesus asked His disciples to wait one hour with Him. For a while my prayers we difficult to come to mind, but then like a switch was turned on, I thought on the prayers Jesus may have prayed that night to our Father. About the very fact that he was going to be sacrificing his very life. The prayers and thought flowed so freely in those moments of that hour in the Garden with our Lord. His first act of Adoration to God by kneeling at His feet and placing his troubles and sorrows there and letting God ease the pain of suffering and torment that was His.

Those thoughts of that night were so clear in prayer as I placed myself with Jesus. I was not prepared for the gift of song that came to me. The song "Glory and Praise to Our God" was so beautiful to receive as those thoughts came to an end. I continued to stay, but I took the music book and looked up the song and read it through. I was mystified and awestruck. The lyrics are as follows:


R- Glory and praise to our God,
Who alone gives light to our days.
Many are the blessings He bears,
To those who trust in His ways.

1- We the daughters and sons of Him,

Who built the valleys and plains.
Praise the wonders our God has done,
In every heart that sings.

2- In His wisdom He strengthens us,
Like gold that's tested in fire.
Though the power of sin prevails,
Our God is there to save.

3- Every moment of every day,
Our God is waiting to save.
Always ready to seek the lost,
To answer those who pray.

The refrain were the words that I was interiorly knowing. That's the only way I can explain it. I knew in that moment as I read the words that I was given a profound blessing and something quite beautiful in those moments of reflection. I spent an hour with the husband of my heart in His hour of prayer. He gave me a few moments to reflect on the pictures I was given and the significance of them and everything that continues to be a gift from Him. The many blessings because of the trust and love I have for Him. It's odd, but I feel as if there is a new softness to me in my life, in my person. It's hard to explain it, this feeling. I feel like a new person who has been done over. There was nothing wrong with me before, and I can only think that it has to do with the depth of my love. It actually is much deeper, and I thought it was deep before.

One would think I was a shy bride about to get married to the Beloved, but in a sense I had felt that ring on my finger again last week when none was there. And I was going to place it on aging hand syndrome, but I did feel this before several times. Sigh, I think I have it bad, I look at His picture and I melt. The outstretched hands, the subtle smile and the look of love in those warm loving eyes. See, I have it pretty bad when all a picture of Jesus does is warm my heart and fill my being with love.

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