January 05, 2008


It was a day of rediscovering Poetry and letting the heart take flight. So many thoughts can take over when letting the mind soar with the Poets, but the best is inserting the love of our Lord in place of the person whom is written of in the sonnets. Unless of course it was written to Him then the heart beats ever faster in anticipation of knowing that love so true. It's like a song sung to the heart of a desire to unite forever. Yet the love of our Lord is a sonnet itself, for it shines bright within many a heart.

Life is amazing when our hearts are open to love. Loving our neighbor is often difficult when we are at odds with ourselves but the beauty of loving God and making His will our own makes it easier. When spiritual desolation happens it can tear a soul to pieces for the loss of His Presence, but when I spoke with a friend from my community she explained it as the desert and that's when we are so close to Jesus that we do not see him. It's a tough trial to endure but all the same a very good one to test the love we have for God. And a good test of our own self worth. It's discovering that even when we are desolate the love is there even more so for those around us. I discovered this in a new way, to find that trials are often sent to keep the spiritual life in shape. Just like we need exercise for the body, so too do we need prayer to keep the faith strong even when we go through dark nights of the soul and spiritual desolation, eventually we receive the consolation for the effort of staying strong.

5 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...


teresa_anawim2 said...

Just yesterday, MC, I was discussing with someone those times of desolation which come from time to time when there is no sense of Presence during private prayer.
The wise person responded..."yeah...nothing but faith to go on!" which brought me to my senses quickly. LOL
Thanks for this second reminder. I guess I am getting these to store away for the next desert time.
They're tough to experience, yet they are good.

Marie Cecile said...

Interesting isn't it.

Marie said...

I desribe it this way..the closest you get to a mirror the more distorted your vision is. Put your nose against a mirror and try to see your reflection? You can't.

The desert time can be and IS excrutiating but it is the only way to weed us away from a longing for consolations and to clean our heart and soul of impurities.

This is why I say persevere, persevere through all.

Excellent reflection TY MC:)

With love your friend,

Marie xoxooxo

Marie Cecile said...

your welcome!

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