November 04, 2007

Special Graces

A first Mass for a newly ordained Priest, what a blessing it is. I went to one yesterday after working all morning. Unfortunately I couldn't be at his ordination but I could at his first Mass. It was held in my Parish. It was beautiful and God has given us another to bring people to his side. Those who came lined up for Father's blessing after the Mass. When I went up Father remembered me and that made me smile. He said I should smile always, it's true too. Just as praying always is a must in order to keep that smile alive in my heart.

I do forget to do that on occassion as thoughts begin to invade and then my heart feels heavy. It is when prayer is said and thoughts are brought back to focus upon our Lord that I find the light in my heart becoming brighter and the heaviness dissipates. How possible that prayer can do so much. Just as the misery of others can spread it's darkness and touch us when we are unprepared, that is when we need to pray in an instant without thought to ourselves but for them. It is also in forgiving that we find peace as God forgives us always. We may be children of God but we often persecute our neighbor and judge them without thought to the damage we do to our own souls.

When I was on retreat I took a walk with another person, but as I looked at them I saw something that had me think and when I was about to place that thought in thought, a voice called my name and said "do not judge," and instantly I asked forgiveness and was glad that intervention came to mind. It was strange because I don't judge others but yet as I looked the thought was there. How little we realize that we do judge unknowingly and place our souls in jeopardy. I have become accustomed to not judge yet I have found as I grow closer to our Lord and he directs my path I discover that I falter at times. I fall and grow and pick myself up again with God's help and continue with a better understanding of his ways. Walking with him is the only way to be happy and fulfilled. He is the way after all.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

In Italy, the tradition is to kiss the palm of the new priest. I was priveleged to be present at a good friend's ordination, the first priest ordained from our town here, in over 30 years! It was a very moving ceremony and a cherished memory.

Marie Cecile said...

Isn't it wonderful to be a first Mass participant and receive their first blessing. What a gift and a beautiful memory too. I don't know much about the traditions of a newly ordained priest, this one was my first and hopefully not the last.

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