November 18, 2007

New Beginnings

It's been one busy weekend, between working yesterday and then to my friends house to go to anothers' for a house gathering. It was a long day and not much accomplished other than meeting new people. That's always a good thing. Today we had our on going formation at the Monastery and the Nuns had their anniversary celebration. That was wonderful too.

This morning I went in search of the words from the other day with no luck. So I did the next best thing and looked through the hymnal book. I went page to page and looked at each one and finally I found it. At least I hope it is since I have a hard time reading music and figuring out the tempo and how it goes. Well anyway it's called "I, The Lord."

Refrain: I, the Lord, am with you, always by your side. Come and take my hand, for I will lead you home. Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me.

Verse 1: I am the resurrection, and I am the life; if you believe in me, you shall live forever.
Verse 2: You shall have new life and live it to the full. Turn your sorrow into joy, for life has just begun.

This was not
easy and to top it off when I went to the healing Mass I received some of the words in this song but I don't recall this song being sung at the Mass. The part about by your side were part of the words, yet it was more like come be by my side, I didn't think too much of it at the time. Not until follow me was apparent again. I don't always write some of these things down either. Some are committed to memory and some written. But more and more lately there seems to be a reason for some of it. The other song that was in Spanish I didn't even think much of it and that one was strange, because I never paid too much attention to that song since I never understood the words that were being sung. And once I found the translation the English one's didn't make too much sense either other than the part I wrote about. Now that I think about it, I wonder about that other one I have yet to find. I could do the same thing and do a lyric search in the book again. Only problem I don't remember the words at the moment and I will need to go back a bit to locate what I wrote to do the search. You know I think God is giving me a challenge and I think it's pretty good. I am not a music smart person yet I love to listen to music. I can't read music nor can I figure out how the tune should go. And the funny part, in high school I sang in the girls chorus in my freshman year and did a season in the Church choir a long time ago when Mrs. Chenier was the Organist. I couldn't read music too well then either, I kinda winged it. Basically listening to the person next to me to fall into step with the beat. Uhm is that called cheating. Or is that the part of if you don't use it you loose it same as speaking a language. I did fall away from much of what is good for the soul and am finding that music is God's gift and language is a labor of love also. Those two I didn't follow up in my life and now am relearning bit by bit.

Same with Latin, I didn't learn it in school but I love it. I learned medical terminology and discovered Latin in the words and that is where learning language has a role, it's good to know. Plus singing chant in Latin is getting a bit easier. Pronunciation is coming back too. I feel as if I am a child and learning all these new things. Discovering a new world in an age old time, that would explain a brief time where I craved nothing but milk. In a sense when our eyes are opened we begin to learn how to do many things, it's like a newborn and the progress they make as they get older. So do we when God's seed begins to grow and faith blossoms. In this light of thinking I begin to see how through God he turns our life and makes us new again. It's awesome. I know it's strange thinking, but when I begin to look at all that is happening it fits. Just like when we walk next to someone and when we walk along side Jesus, it's a perfect fit. I guess I should stop here. At least for me I see in a much clearer light and that is what counts. And God is so good and loving.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

Do you mean you are looking for the lyrics (and translation or rather interpretation of) Si volvieras a mi? I can help you with that.

Nothing is more beautiful than chant sung by italian nuns or friars. i was at La Verna a few years ago, and saw the friars just as they entered the church in procession for vespers, as they chanted. It gave me goosebumps.

Marie Cecile said...

Pia I did a babelfish translation trying Italian first with no luck until I tried the Spanish/English one, but I found the whole translation at this website. I'm not sure if it's accurate in it's translation. And I do appreciate your help also, your a blessing. And your right Chant is beautiful. I'm glad you love it too.

Gabrielle said...

I think I found the song from your hymnal, Marie Cecile; it's by Tom Kendzia. If the link doesn't work, just leave me a message in my combox and I'll email you where I found it, okay? Bless you, mc.

I, the Lord.

Marie Cecile said...

Gabrielle thank you so much for finding the song for me to hear. Somehow I heard it more somber but then again I only heard the words Follow me, follow me as they were in the song but in a more slow and haunting manner sung by a man. But that is most definitly the song.

Great big hug ((((Gabrielle))))

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