November 13, 2007


It was a long day yesterday with little sleep before it. I went to a healing Mass with an open heart for the grace of God's healing in my life. I had this notion that because I saw an extraordinary image on the Eucharist and experience many of God's graces, that I wasn't supposed to receive the gift of being healed. But I found that even I need healing in areas that are blocking me from growing and that's when God uses others to touch our lives.

Without going into too much detail, I suffered at the hands of another in a relationship that was eating my soul. Emotional abuse is almost the worst form of abuse a person can suffer. God has touched my life for a very long time and on top of it when I was given this grace to see him, the abuse that I had undergone had me in a state of unbelief in myself. My faith in God was the one thing that kept me whole and from loosing myself. It's been a long journey in healing and little by little it has come in various stages.

When I was talking to my sister last night after she came with me to a prayer Cenacle, she told me that she has seen the difference in me and how I am coming back to where I once was before the abuse entered my life. God is my strength and without him I wouldn't be here. Well anyway, I sought healing, to bring healing to those wounds that I cannot mend on my own. It is always my litany of prayer to conquer the hurt that I cannot rid myself of. And God is so good and loving in providing us with people who love unconditionally. God provided me with various gifts and one of them allows me to pray for another. We all have this gift of prayer but we sometimes forget how to pray it. He has given me the gift of his love by the choice of music he delivers his messages. I don't doubt that part at all, it was what I saw that I doubted. I don't doubt that no more either. Have I now then come to terms with God's healing grace in my life and seen for myself how blessed I am to have his strength to find healing through another. Yes, and God still knocks on the door of my heart and speaks softly to me of his undying love. The wounds are almost healed and soon I will be able to launch out into the deep and do what God intended for me to do.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Pia said...

How beautiful, MC. I like what your sister said about you, although it really can't be true, because you are not the same person as you were before abuse entered your life. But it means you've recouperated the BEST part of you, the part that could never be touched by anyone, because it is the garden where God lives. Keep taking care of that garden, MC

Marie Cecile said...

Your right Pia, I'm not the same as I was before, I had lot's of love before but I find I have so much more now to give. It's a blessing. And I like how you put the BEST part of me, you said it better than I could ever say it. Thank you

Marie said...

Jesus also suffered hurt and wounds not just the physical.

One friend betrayed him, another denied him and 11 of them scattered when He needed them most.

Even though Jesus was suffering immense pain and anguish on the Cross, still He reached out in love towards the thief on the Cross.

Who is that thief? It is YOU, it is I, it is ALL of us....We all reach out to the one who can heal our wounds and restore that which has been harmed....Only God can heal the broken hearted and make all things new.

Wonderful reflection Thankyou MC:)

Your friend,


Marie Cecile said...

Marie your so right, we are the thieves that Jesus saves even while he hung and suffered for us. He suffering was far greater than we could ever imagine. Thank you for your reflection.


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