September 20, 2007

A Step

Reading the Gospels always brings home to me my sinfulness. I try to live my life loving those around me. There are times when my life would fly before my minds eye and I see a wretched person in need of God's loving kindness. I erred many times and many times I learned a hard lesson on forgiveness. And it always is from the very depths of my soul that I cry the hardest for the loss of life lived in God. If I could ever change what goes wrong in the world it would be the way we live out our lives without God in it. The way we disregard his presence in our lives and ignoring that small voice that says, don't do that, it will harm you. We don't always understand what that means, but it is the harm done to a soul when sin enters it. But this is the lesson in my life I have learned and the forgiveness I was given. Not everyone forgets about God, I know I didn't, but I didn't do as he asked either. And I do my best to forgive myself for hurting him the most. I love Him with all my heart, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

4 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...


Your piece got me thinking. One of the reasons why I started the Big is Beautiful is to re-educate women about their body image.

You cannot love God and yet hate yourself. The hatred that so many women feel towards themselves affects all area's of their life, including their soul.

There HAS to be a healthy balance...if we were all to focus a little bit more on pleasing God and less on how we look to others, we'd be happier people.

I dont know why but your piece brought that to mind:).

Thanks once again MC for a brilliant reflection

Marie Cecile said...

Your welcom Marie,

Don't forget about those who are thin and hate their bodies because they think they look fat. They binge and purge or do other things that makes them ill. Many do not know how to love themselves as they are and because of that they have a hard time loving others and God too.

God Bless

marie said...

MC very true. But it is also the case that thin women simply dislike their body image too. I know that Nicole Kidman for instance thought for many years that she was ugly...Simply because she did not have a voluptuous body.

We need to look WITHIN to the indwelling Spirit who loves us as we are and when we allow... God will perfect us in time....

Peace to you always:)


Marie Cecile said...

I didn't think of it that way Marie, as in them not liking their body image. The other your right about looking within ones self. There is so much for people and often so difficult for many.

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