September 15, 2007


Vegetable Garden Wall Flower Garden


This is the time of year where we begin again. The kids go back to school, new activities are started and old ones renewed. In spring we plant and make new things grow, but in the fall we clean up what has aged and died. Some are just beginning because of cooler temperatures. Where they thrive and become fruitful. Such is the case with some vegetables and flower plants. They turn a dying area into one of beauty. They become a beacon amidst decay.

There is much going on for preparation in the last few days, and I have to sit back and still myself so I can accomplish what needs to be done. Yet this is one weekend that is going to be busy as ever. We have rehearsal this morning for tomorrow's First Profession and class begins anew. It will be a grace filled day as we also welcome those who have gone through the Postulant class and are now being accepted. I had my dates mixed up in the spring because that was when the other class made their Final Temporary Profession, or as the Lay Fraternities call it a promise.

Well anyway, I was able to take some pictures before but didn't have a chance to post them, and yesterday I took one of the wall. Unfortunately it's next to where we park the cars and they were in the way for a good shot head on. One plant is blooming but looks like my nephew squished it in between two others. I had a chance to see the wall behind looks like it's about to fall apart so that too needs to be taken care of. Never ending work it seems, but a blessing all the same. I hope to post some more later. I also apologize for not being timely on responding to comments. I've been attempting to do a better job at answering. Your all a blessing in each one's unique way. God's love is in each one of you and I am thankful for the grace that touches each of our lives.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

It is spring here and yes most of my flowers are blooming. One bush for some reason died:(..I dont know why.

I am just a beginning gardener..but it brings one such JOY to see things bloom and also a hint of our fragility when a plant dies..and another takes its place.

I love your reflections. If they were in a book I'd buy it.

God's abundant love to you:)

Marie..PS: When I was young and if I was naughty my mother would make me weed the garden. I made an OATH to NEVER weed again once I grew up. I LOVE is that a sign of er umm....GREAT maturity LOL!

Marie Cecile said...

Wow it's spring where you are! And here it is soon to be fall.

Gardening does that, it makes us feel good when we see the things we plant grow.

Now there you go and mention a book again and I'm at a loss as to what to say to that one. I wouldn't even know where to begin. And here is my own personal fault, good enough to give to others. But we know God does work in atrange and often impossible ways.

And as for your PS, now that is one Cross that you have learned to embrace and love. A good thing then. And a lesson that you ended up loving.

God's love and joy to you :)

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