August 09, 2007

Celery part deux

Looks a bit wilted
On closer inspection, it's small.
A hole with some celery tops.


I took some pictures yesterday because I found another missing and eaten celery. The celery should be nice and thick but is a bit on the skinny side. They are doing okay, except they are not in the sun too long so the growing time is longer. I have yet to go out there and see what else went underground. I do have to pick some string beans before they turn to seed. I hope I don't see the snake again, that gives me the willies knowing I'm walking in between the rows and hear a rustle in the plants. Okay I'll take a deep breath now and say a prayer and do as the deer and stomp the ground but with a stick not my feet. I'm laughing at myself for this. More later.

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

Life 'in the country' LOL..a rustle in the leaves and seeing a snake!!!!!
I am closer to Boston's inner city and the only rustle around here is a potential flasher about to spring out of the bushes as one walks along the river!!! LOL LOL
I do have a newspaper clipping of my bro and his wife as newlyweds . After they moved into their Brockton apartment she opened the cabinet under the sink to get the pots ready to cook and was faced with a huge snake. Turns out a neighbor in the same apartment building had lost his pet and it crawled into their kitchen through a hole under the sink for a washer/drier hose. The newspaper came with the camera after hearing the call on the police scanner.
They will never forget that incident...

Marie Cecile said...

Now that can be scary! lol

That must have been a shocker for your brother and sister-in-law. And it was in the news too! Believe me I wouldn't forget it either, snakes are scary.

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