July 10, 2007


Sunday was a grace filled day. It started with Mass, then I had the opportunity to go to St. Anne's Shrine for a visit. One that I was happy to do. I was able to get some more medals since I keep giving mine away. I bought a small handful for the time being. I went and visited our Lady's mother, she is there for us as a mother too.

It was an odd day even though grace was abundant, I had some thoughts that were a bit forlorn. I'm glad though for the time to spend with the heavenly family in prayer and reflection. I also went to St. Joseph's Abbey for a visit, where I found a book that will help also in the discernment of my life. St. Ignatius Loyola is the one who set these rules for discernment. From the little bit that I have read it has been tremendous so far. It's weird sometimes how we are led to find what we need. You can gloss over many titles and often come up empty for inspiration. Our Lord moves in wonderful ways in helping us to grow in our spiritual level of grace. When we are at the point that the next step is to be taken, he gives us the way. Not in the ways we would think but in the way that gives us his guidance.

I'm grateful for that because that ended up being part of my present, a gift from my family. Anyway, from there I came home to prepare to do my hour at Chapel. It was a hot, humid day but spending it fully on our Lord was the best day I have spent in a while. I had a thought that we were going to be visited and when I came home from Chapel I wasn't surprised to find Father Plasse was over. We had a wonderful time chatting with each other, I was able to get the medals blessed then. I told him I felt bad for leaving the other job, but the one I ended up going to was for more money. Unfortunately the job didn't pay enough to take care of the car payment and car insurance and nothing else. Enough of that, it's my concern anyway and I don't want to put people off by my financial tidbits. Bad enough I did it before without realizing my foolishness. I think I was more upset with my situation than anyone else, something I needed to accept.

I think God is so good to us, this thought will never change. Someday people understand how truly good he is.

4 Words of Wisdom:

AutumnRose said...

I do so enjoy coming here, and reading through your reflections, Marie Cecile :)

May God bless you today, with love & grace overflowing!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you AutumnRose, I didn't think anyone came and read any of my reflections at all. The silly numbers say 0. I thank you for your encouragement. God Bless you too and I pray for you to be restored to health.

teresa_anawim said...

Just yesterday(Tuesday) someone mentioned that they were going to the St Anne's shrine and recommended it as a summer trip for me.
Now you are the second reminder..I must get out there and see this beautiful shrine, MC.
Thanks for the reminder hidden in your post, but pointed out to me by the Holy SPirit !!

Marie Cecile said...

I'm glad Teresa that the Holy Spirit did something special for you. I didn't know there was anything hidden in my post.

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