June 08, 2007


How is it so different working in one place from the next. I have discovered in the course of time the variety of people in the workforce and how they are and how they relate to others. It's not always good in some places and yet in others it's wonderful. Where I am now it's so different you can actually feel it. I read an article last night that shed some light on it, how we can know when good thoughts are around us and when they aren't. From Spirit Daily an article called Joel's Corner. It goes as follows:

Spirit feels, just as though it were corporeal, because it has developed in conjunction with a living body. However, it does not feel physical, tangible objects, but only projections of mind, of which is its essence.

Hatred would burn. Indifference would chill. Grief is crushing. There must be many more examples.

All of my life, I've wondered how a hell of fire and brimstone could cause souls to suffer, since they are not made of flesh. Now I understand. The endless hatred of the adversary, without any alleviation from God, would burn beyond imagination. Souls captured within that void would experience every torment which Satan could conceive, forever.

Purgatory, by comparison, is still within God's natural universe. The holy souls there are tormented by their own thoughts, and they still have hope. It is our thoughts, through prayer, which ease their torment and uplift them toward their heavenly home.

I think that it bears mentioning that our thoughts towards other living beings also affect them spiritually, which then affects their health. Thoughts have substance. Positive, life affirming thoughts, especially in prayer, coupled with unconditional love, can help to heal ourselves and others.

I've heard it said that to heal the body, first heal the spirit. Now, I understand.

In Jesus and Mary,

Joel McClain

I know one thing hatred is felt when it is directed at someone, it's not a wonderful feeling either and when prayer is prayed the change is good. We never realize how our thoughts affect those around us. This article may have some truth to it and may be not, I leave it up to discernment. But one thing I do know, thoughts do have a devastating effect when they aren't good. It hurts us when we think this way, when we think about hatred for another, that gives us a clue into our unforgiving heart. But it shows us also that we do not have love for God or neighbor.

There is understanding in this about healing the spirit first before the physical healing. If we are sick in spirit in how our thoughts are, how then do we expect physical healing when we think bad thoughts of others. This is not God's way. But then again it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand something so simple, how love heals on a grand scale. And those who reject love reject healing.

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