April 19, 2007


My Jesus, how can I tell you what you already know. That love is the greatest gift a person can ever have. To know your love which is God's love. It's tremendous, this gift and it is the finest by far. If I could write a song it would tell of a love so true. If I could write a poem it would be to honor you. If I could sing it would be to praise you. How I long to give eloquence to the words I write for you. But most of all they are words that come from my heart to yours. Just as my every waking thought is of you. There is one thing I want to convey, and it is the belief in you that everything is possible when all had looked impossible. And I want to thank you for what you have shown me. I thank our heavenly Mother for her love. For gracing me with her perfume. For the twinkle of the star on her cloak on a day not so long ago.

I say yes my beloved one, and I tarry no longer as I set about what has to be done. You called and I answered, and now I long more than ever to be forever yours. Love is my gift to you as love is your gift to me. Might I dwell forever in your loving presence the joy of my heart. My sole existence is because of you, my Lord and my God my All.

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